How the Board Evaluation Survey Works

The Board Evaluation Tool is Secure, Anonymous and Easy to Action. 

Step 1: Commit to Measurement

Getting started is easy. All it takes is a commitment to undertake an evaluation. Then answer a couple profiling questions about your board, we initiate the project.


Step 2: Upload the Names of Your Board

In an excel file, provide the first, last name and email address of your board members. We upload this to the survey tool and we invite each board member to complete the survey using a secure, password embedded link.


Step 3: Receive Your Report and Action the Results

Within 7-10 days, your report will be available. The report, which is in a dashboard form, gives you all the information you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your board processes and governance.

An Actionable Report

Your management and board team are not survey experts so our team summarizes and analyzes the results for you and shares it using an easy to understand dashboard.

  • Exec summary page: Overall scores for board performance across all the questions + top 3 and bottom 3 performance areas.
  • Charts that summarize the results of the questions with call-outs to help interpret the results.
  • Comparisons to previous Board surveys conducted using the BET.
  • Benchmarks to like organizations (coming soon)

Need a Custom Survey or Help with Actioning the Results

We believe the tool and the dashboard report provides what 95% of all boards need to help them take their governance to the next level. Additional questions can be added to the tool and Richard is available to speak to the results for an additional cost.

Your board self-evaluation report begins with an easy to grasp dashboard of key findings.